"We travel together, passengers on a little spaceship, dependent upon its vulnerable reserves of air and soil, all committed for our safety to its security and peace; preserved from annihilation only by the care, the work, and, I will say, the love we give our fragile craft. We cannot maintain it half fortunate, half miserable, half confident, half despairing, half slave to the ancient enemies of man, half free in a liberation of resources undreamed of until this day. No craft, no crew can travel safely with such vast contradictions. On their resolution depends the survival of us all."


Saturday, September 23, 2017

WHALE & DOLPHIN UPDATE: REAL GLOBAL THREATS, introducing HoMoMIMIC (Holistic Modeling of Marine Impacts from Military-Industrial Civilization)

NOTE FROM JEFF:  This post is an attempt to bring up to date my comprehensive analysis of the real global threats to cetaceans and life in and of Mother Ocean as a whole made in 2012. To the best of my knowledge, none of these threats have lessened or been attenuated, but have continued to grow in terms of pervasiveness, ubiquity, scale of impact and depth of threat. The major 'new' threats on my own radar are the 'next generation' of undersea-war-fighting technologies, including advanced 'AI', robotics and drones; the 'electrified planet' and 'electrified ocean' scenarios; and the off-the-scale metastasis of the global military apparatus, with emphasis on the recent $700 billon usd 'defence' budget, constituting an unprecedented 63% of the total U.S. federal budget. 

Much of this will go to further the on-going 'revolution in military affairs' and the 'full-spectrum' 'multi-domain' dominance paradigm of today's War, Inc., with particular emphasis on all things oceanic.


"War results in immediate death and destruction, but the environmental consequences can last hundreds, often thousands, of years. And it is not just war itself that undermines our life support systems, but also the research and development, military exercises, and general preparations for battle that are carried out on a daily basis in most parts of the world. The majority of pre-war activity takes place without the benefit of civilian scrutiny and therefore we are unaware of some of what is being done to our environment in the name of 'security.'" 

Dr. Rosalie Bertell

My very deep love for the whales and dolphins and my outrage at what 'my' species is doing to them and to all life drives my work in this area. I have to admit that dealing with all this heavy stuff is my least favourite dimension of my work with and on behalf of cetaceans...but at this time the most absolutely essential. How can we possibly hope to truly understand or 'communicate with' our fellow beings in the ocean while we are doing our best to wage truly global and eco-cidal warfare against them?


In 2012 when we began our 'beyond film' project on the whales and dolphins, my partner and I concluded that, if the cetaceans could deliver to us a concise message in English, it would be


Now, five years later, my personal perception of their 'message' would read 


HoMoMIMIC: What is it?

An acronym for Holistic Modeling of Marine Impacts from Military-Industrial Civilization, HoMoMIMIC is a full-spectrum awareness approach to mapping and understanding the real anthropogenic effects and impact on life in the sea and on Mother Ocean herself. Public awareness, 'environmental' organizations and science in general tend almost exclusively to focus only on tiny subsets of reality, for a variety of reasons...reality at any level is far too complex and unwieldy, time-consuming and inconvenient to deal with; 'solvable' problems are more attractive to 'do-gooders' than apparently insoluble ones...which most of the real ones are; and very few people, and no organizations, have the mental capacity and willingness to confront the enormity and direness of this field of inquiry and investigation.

A truly holistic approach to the real global threats to cetaceans...or any other major area of, for example, ecological  or psychological research...is a MAJOR under-taking with no limits or boundaries other than those imposed by the human mind and will = not most people's cup of tea.



from "We Are Not Alone...Yet: How We Are Waging War on a True 'Extra-terrestrial Intelligence" by Jeff Phillips (2012)


"We don’t know for sure, but ‘hunting’ of animals for food by indigenous peoples seems to have been the norm for as far back as we can see.  I’m not sure what the whales thought about being killed for foo even back then, but Inuit in search of meat didn’t have high-tech harpoon guns or whaling ships with sonar.  Hunting was a sacred act to indigenous folk who took only what they thought they needed.

Although historically we believe we have ‘always’ eaten meat (what IF Neanderthals were herbivorous?), ‘civilized’ man could easily abandon whaling and all other ‘meat-driven’ atrocities; yet these continue to run out of control as an integral part of our industrial ‘doomsday machine’.  Despite the publicity, of all the threats to cetaceans, whaling is at the bottom of the list.

Side-effects from the global fishing industry (46), another meat enterprise, have been a long-standing affliction for cetaceans, for example, drift- and gill-nets, in which hundreds of thousands of dolphins die from drowning and end up as ‘by-catch’ annually. Trawling in all its forms is also a wide-spread hazard for marine life in general.

Our pollution of the global ocean (47) is incomprehensible.  Logically, the ocean is ‘sea-level‘ located ‘downhill’ from everywhere on land: all water and everything in it running off from terrestrial sources ends up in the sea.  Not only do all rivers empty into the ocean, ‘civilized’ man has been using the ocean as a sewer and waste disposal site for thousands of years.  The ocean is huge, essentially ‘terra nullius’ (48) as far as most human cultures are concerned, and it’s deep: substances or materials disposed of tend seem to dilute or just ‘disappear’.

With the advent of shipping and motorized boats, for civilian, commercial and military purposes, noise (49), collisions (50), and contamination (51) from fuel, lubricants and wastes became wide-spread hazards as well.  With the massive increase in all of these activities throughout the twentieth century and accelerating in the twenty-first, the global ocean is now saturated with a full spectrum of man-made noise that has raised the back-ground sound level by several dB.(52) The sea is also contaminated to varying degrees, ranging from huge ‘dead zones’ (53) where nothing can live, to areas that are relatively clean and undisrupted, with astronomical quantities of every industrial substance, compound, and chemical ever created, in particular, endocrine-disrupting POP’s , (54) huge islands or ‘gyres’ of plastic , (55), and synthetic radio-nuclides from the real ‘nuclear war’ that has been going on since 1945. (56)

The global ‘energy’ industry is a major threat to all cetaceans. ‘Civilized’ humanity is addicted to the ‘flesh and blood’ of the ‘body’ of Mother Earth, and is stopping at nothing to consume every last ounce of minerals and petroleum that exists.  Deep-sea mining and especially hydro-carbon exploration and extraction is growing exponentially in every part of the world.(57)  Accidental leaks and ‘spills’ add insult to injury and enhance the toxic saturation levels. (58)

Seismic and electromagnetic geo-physical exploration technologies are extremely dangerous weapons in our war on cetacea.  Hundreds of exploration vessels are in operation globally at any given time, each of which is equipped with an array of ‘air-guns’ that can emit under-water sonic explosions on the order of 30,000 joules per blast…enough to deafen or kill any cetaceans or other marine life within a radius of many kilometres. (59)


The frequency of accidents and disasters, as well as their damage-levels, have increased drastically in direct proportion to the scale and pervasiveness of industrial civilization as a whole.  Solid evidence exists that in recent years a new paradigm of ‘geo-terrorism’ has been instituted which is a new form of covert warfare disguised as ‘industrial accidents’, ‘natural disasters’, and ‘environmental engineering.’ (60)

Recent examples of deliberate ‘geo-terrorism’ are the BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico which began April 2010, and the Fukushima disaster which began in March 2011. Both these scenarios have clear ‘signatures’ of having been manufactured, and both are on-going processes, as opposed to events, which appear to have been strategically-premeditated acts of environmental warfare whose purpose is to poison the planetary biosphere via the ocean as efficiently as possible(61)

As if traditional and/or ‘conventional’ warfare and weapons haven’t been bad enough, for humans, cetaceans, and everyone else on Mothership Earth, today a ‘new generation’ of high-tech weapons systems has been deployed based on radio-frequency microwaves which allow ‘secret wars’ to be waged unknown to the affected populations.(62)

With the planetary metastasis of all-things-military since World War 2, going to the next level with the advent of the ‘war on terror’ since 9/11, and the presence of close to 4,000 U.S. bases and peripheral institutions around the world, the seas of Earth have become permanent ‘theatres of operation’, battle-fields, testing grounds, and waste-dumps particularly for the navies of the world.  The U.S. Navy is the mac-daddy of all military entities on the planet, and is alsoTHE single greatest threat to the well-being of all cetaceans globally(63)

Not only is the U.S. Navy the largest single military institution on Earth, 

it is also the single greatest ‘nuclear entity’, operating several hundred 
individual nuclear reactors for research, weapons, and propulsion of ships and submarines.  They have over-seen a large per-centage of all atmospheric 
atomic tests (including Project Argus, which permanently damaged the Van 
Allen radiation belts (64), and have innumerable and classified ‘super-fund’ 
sites around the world, of which the global ocean is the biggest.  They are 
more than likely ‘legally allowed’ to dispose of nuclear wastes from their 
reactors directly into the sea.  Even if this weren’t ‘legal’, who could stop 
them…or even find out?

The U.S. Navy has been the largest backer of research and development of the ‘new generation’ of microwave weapons since Reagan’s ‘Strategic Defense Initiative’, or ‘Star Wars’ in the 1980’s.  These technologies, of which HAARP is one example, are huge antenna arrays with transmitters that target the ionosphere with giga-watt levels of heat.  By means of super-computers and extensive research in geo-physical and atmospheric science, HAARP and other installations can function as an integrated weapons system which can conduct ‘environmental modification’, or ‘weather warfare’, ‘tectonic’ warfare involving man-made earth-quakes and vulcanism, and global ‘mind control’ operations which can neurologically debilitate entire human populations.  Our biosphere in general is saturated with microwaves from other sources as well.(65)

Ironically, by means of unlimited funding, the U.S. Navy has also come to control almost ALL marine biology research on the planet, enabling them not only to ‘weaponize’ every dimension of the ocean and its inhabitants, but also to manage and control not only ‘scientific information’ but also to manipulate ‘public perception’ of what is really going on.  Not only have they been engaged in enslaving, torturing and brain-washing cetaceans and other marine mammals for decades, to force them to function as ‘robots’, but their ‘scientific research’ has been shown to be deliberately and criminally fraudulent, in order to create the impression that nothing they do is harmful to anyone in any way. (66)

While the Navy has come to control marine biology as a whole, as well as the public's perception of their activities, genuine environmental research revealing the true nature and scale of military-industrial damage and public health threats is being systematically dismantled. (66a)

Of the full-spectrum of war on cetacea being conducted by the U.S. Navy, no form of attack or technology is more devastatingly and pervasively lethal as their mid- and low-frequency sonar systems.  Sonar, which was inspired by cetaceans, and originally used only low levels of under-water sound to perform ‘echo-location’ for detection of ‘foreign objects’, has now been turned against them.

In July of 2000 I first learned of SURTASS, or LFAS, ‘Surveillance Under-water Towed Array Sonar Systems’ or ‘Low Frequency Active Sonar.’  These systems were being deployed on naval vessels around the world and were instantly recognized as major threats to cetaceans.  Having been a lover of cetaceans for decades, this put me on full ‘red-alert’, as I knew that something horrific was up in the world.  This was during that window of time when Bush 2 had been installed as president, which equalled ‘war’, but before 9/11, which came as no surprise to me after learning about LFAS.

These ‘surveillance’ systems use technology almost identical to that of seismic testing:  huge under-water transducers that emit powerful explosions of sonic energy, which travel much faster and more intensely in water than in air.  LFA-sonar is known to create ‘a kill-zone the size of Texas’.  These shock-waves of sound pressure energy literally explode the inner ears of cetaceans, cause hemorrhaging, rupturing of internal organs, and mass-death. (67)
Because of the extreme power-levels of seismic and LFA-sonar technologies, which are ostensibly about ‘detection’ or ‘listening’, it’s become clear to me that these may be being used as active weapons systems.  Against whom?  Anyone who lives in the ocean.

In recent years innumerable and anomalous strandings of cetaceans, and ‘die-offs’ of many species of land and marine life-forms have occurred.  These invariably correlate with the presence of military exercises and/or seismic testing activities.  Tremendous effort goes into distancing the Navy and ‘big oil’ from any causality or accountability, as their legion of well-trained ‘scientists’ and compliant media distracts us with reports of ‘mystery illnesses’ and other fabrications. (68)

Almost no ‘environmental organizations’ dare to criticize or even mention ‘big oil’, for fear of financial retaliation; one wonders who in fact are the biggest donors to Paul Watson and Louis Psihoyos?  Fewer still dare to criticize or mention the ‘N’ word, the U.S. Navy, as being anything more than ‘stewards’ of the global ocean. (68a)

Their greatest role as ‘steward’ of the ocean is their ‘request’ for a permit from the NMFS(National Marine Fisheries Service), a branch of NOAA, which they are known to ‘own’, to ‘take’ approximately 11.5 MILLION marine mammals over the next five years as part of their expanding war-games/testing/global presence strategy.  ‘Take’ is Naval euphemism for ‘kill’.  Hats off to Rosalind Peterson for having the balls to tell the world about this true cetacean holocaust in progress. (69)

In summation, the cetaceans are under direct attack from human activity in a number of ways.  These are physical (nets, collisions, whaling); psychological (being ‘studied’, held captive, experimented on); acoustic (noise, blasts, sonar, ASW); toxicity (chemical and radio-nuclear); and electromagnetic (HAARP and ATOC-related experiments/technologies)(70).

It’s almost impossible fully to comprehend the damage that is being done to the global ocean and to the cetaceans who are the real ‘stewards’ of the sea.  On top of all the on-going waste and chemical pollution pouring in for decades, massive quantities of atmospherically-disseminated chem-trail residues(71) are making their way into the sea.  Scientists pretending to battle ‘climate change’ want to dump massive amounts of iron filings into the sea. (72) Crude petroleum continues to gush from the Macondo well in the Gulf of Mexico, and the Corexit continues to create illness in human and marine life. (73)

The ‘icing on the cake’ is the incomprehensible quantity of synthetic radio-nuclides pouring directly into the Pacific ocean from Fukushima, on top of what has already been deposited as fall-out from over 2000 atmospheric detonations, perhaps hundreds of thousands of drums of nuclear waste, and DU (‘depleted uranium’) deployed in all recent ‘wars’ and ‘conflicts’.  That a huge part of the global ocean could become one huge ‘dead zone’ is not impossible in our life-times; what is happening…what WE are doing…is beyond catastrophic for life as we know her, including the cetaceans. (74)
Individual cetaceans may be hunted or ‘whaled’ but whole populations are systemically endangered by the systemic poisoning of entire regions and the
proliferation of new and dangerous technologies which can maim or kill tens of thousands of marine mammals with a single explosion.

Who is to blame for all this?  WE are."


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